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Facebook makes us lonely, debate is heated up again

The debate has been there for a while, it is one of the main reason drawing me into the whole PhD biz. Here are the recent articles that stirred the pot. Sherry Turkle, buy viagra soft conversation.html” target=”_blank”>The flight from conversation at NYT. Stephen Marche, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? at The Atlantic. A somewhat related and very sensational one:…read more →

Twitter is six years old!

Twitterclaims that they have 140 million active users, which is pretty significant, however accurately.Here are some media coverages:

Nice ego-network illustruation from Facebook Data Team

This is a super interesting work by Facebook Data Team: Rethinking Information Diversity in Networks. Some of the figures in their post nicely depict how individuals conceptualize their personal networks.

The rise of Interest-based social media

We all have witnessed the rapid growth of Pinterest since last year. In the current social media landscape, misoprostol I think, it’s safe to say the interest-based networking started to grab the new wave of users’ attention. The interest-based networking does have the potential, given that some of the services acheter viagra do not REQUIRE users to submit real personal…read more →

An Interesting Map of Social Media Landscape

Just accidentally stumbled upon this interesting image created by Social Media Influence.  Love how they name these islands and regions. I don’t think researchers in buy generic priligy online this area may be able to recognize many of the names on the map. As I love to say, levitra online studying social media is just like shooting a moving target….read more →

[Pew Report] Why most Facebook users get more than they give

A Pew report on Facebook users’ writing proposal canada pharmacy online behaviors, by Keith Hampton and his colleagues. Why most Facebook users get more than they give. The PDF is here.