When #THC meets #TSE on @twitter

This research note is originally posted on RTI’s SurveyPost blog. Marijuana legalization has been a controversial issue for decades. Only in recent years has the movement towards legalization gained real traction, with laws passed in Colorado and Washington. If you are a social scientist and want to research the trends of public opinions toward marijuana legalization, you first step would…read more →

My dissertation won a study paper award in survey research methodology

With an relatively intense schedule, I attended two conferences during the week before Thanksgiving. First, I flew to DC for two days to catch up with colleagues and presented my paper at NCA. Then, while I regrettably missed my own award ceremony, I was able to present my dissertation findings at the 2013 annual meetings of the Midwest Association of…read more →

Online social networking skills: The social affordances approach to digital inequality

I am very excited that cheap auto repair my paper theorizing the link vendita viagra generico between social media research and digital inequality literature¬† is just published and it’s accessible freely. You can retrieve the full paper here.