My dissertation won a study paper award in survey research methodology

With an relatively intense schedule, I attended two conferences during the week before Thanksgiving. First, I flew to DC for two days to catch up with colleagues and presented my paper at NCA. Then, while I regrettably missed my own award ceremony, I was able to present my dissertation findings at the 2013 annual meetings of the Midwest Association of…read more →

Summer Social Webshop@University of Maryland

I was at the 2012 Summer Social Webshop at the University of Maryland during August 20th-24th, 2012. This was cheapest viagra price one of the best professional devel buy cialis online opment events in various fields such as communication research, Internet and media studies, computer and information science, sociology, and science and technologies etc. buy cialis online without a prescription…read more →

Facebook makes us lonely, debate is heated up again

The debate has been there for a while, it is one of the main reason drawing me into the whole PhD biz. Here are the recent articles that stirred the pot. Sherry Turkle, buy viagra soft conversation.html” target=”_blank”>The flight from conversation at NYT. Stephen Marche, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? at The Atlantic. A somewhat related and very sensational one:…read more →

Twitter is six years old!

Twitterclaims that they have 140 million active users, which is pretty significant, however accurately.Here are some media coverages:

Nice ego-network illustruation from Facebook Data Team

This is a super interesting work by Facebook Data Team: Rethinking Information Diversity in Networks. Some of the figures in their post nicely depict how individuals conceptualize their personal networks.

The rise of Interest-based social media

We all have witnessed the rapid growth of Pinterest since last year. In the current social media landscape, misoprostol I think, it’s safe to say the interest-based networking started to grab the new wave of users’ attention. The interest-based networking does have the potential, given that some of the services acheter viagra do not REQUIRE users to submit real personal…read more →