Study shows: Facebook affords strong-tie networking in Taiwan, 50% users play games too.

An interesting survey done by one of the main online

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job bank sites. The sample is the job seekers/users of  the site. But, it is still an interesting finding.

52% of the 2,732 people surveyed in this study indicated that they are Facebook users.

Of these Facebook users, 60.5 % said they use it for networking, but only 18% of their Facebook friends are their co-workers.

Of these Facebook users, 50.7 % said they use it to play games and 17.6 percent said they use it to look for classmates with whom they have lost contact.

In a sense, I think, people don’t necessarily consider coworkers as close friends or friends that they would hang out beyond the

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work setting. For most people, only a handful of their coworkers would be considered as close friends. In order for coworkers to be friends, they would have to talk about things other than work. You need a bit more tie strength/closeness to pass that threshold of being merely a coworker.

So, in my opinion, the usage pattern of these Taiwanese Facebook users suggested that they use Facebook to connect with their stronger ties, not their weaker ties.